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NEW Audiobook: Win at Life, Stay Safe: Taking Control of Your Own Personal Safety in a Violent World

Alan MacQuarrie

Now, more than ever, people around the World are aware of threats to their personal safety and are searching for ways to protect themselves and their loved ones.
Whether you or you or a family member are leaving home to go to college or university, travelling on holiday, living alone, working alone, working late, or if you are not as young and fit as you used to be, you will have particular and inevitable concerns about personal safety. Stay safe  focuses on the personal safety of the individual who may encounter confrontation, anger, violence or other "difficult situations". 

FREE Tips for exam success:

Like it or not, examinations play a crucial role in school, college, and university life. They ensure quality control of degree standards, provide academic feedback to students and staff, and above all, assess your, understanding of what you have learned from your studies. But exams don’t test knowledge directly. They assess how well you can remember and explain what you know on the big day. Given this strategic challenge of exams, we’ll give you some practical tips in this section on preparing for, and doing your best in exams. But we’ll start with some advice on developing the right attitude to exams and on taking control of the exam situation as much as possible. More...