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Mindcool has developed its reputation on the production of high quality self help audiobooks and eBooks. We are now launching our complete publishing package which will include print media and introducing Genre FICTION. Have you written a piece of fiction or are thinking about it? Contact us and have a chat Contact

Printed books, eBooks or audiobooks? You need all three.

Did you know that when you choose not to publish an eBook or audiobook you’re losing between 35-40% of your potential reading audience? And if you elect to only publish an eBook and audiobook, you're missing out a whole world of readers that still value the tactile experience of holding a book.

There’s no question that it’s critical to produce your book as an audiobook, a printed book and eBook. The most accomplished authors do this to reach their publishing goals, and you should too in order for your book to reach the widest audience possible.

That’s why we offer the Complete Publishing Package—it provides everything your book launch needs to cover the spread, all in one simple order. See below for more details or download our PDF.

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The Audiobook

Sell and stream your spoken word audio in 100+ digital stores and outlets plus worldwide CD distribution.


Initial planning meetings

Initial reading of script or reading of existing book

Contract agreement

Adjustment of script for audio

Recording in-studio

Editing in-studio

Selecting music

Selecting and designing

Purchase of ISBN, Image rights, Music rights, download cards

Distribution to Mindcool Distribution network to include Worldwide via all the stores that matter: iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio, Deezer, Audible, Audiobooks.com, Findaway.com, Amazon MP3, and Russia at voxclubstore.com

The eBook

Our eBook conversion specialists personally handle every eBook file. We’ll transform your digital manuscript into a quality-assured, eBook-compatible file that can be read on smartphones, tablets and any popular eReader including the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad, Barnes & Noble Nook.

ISBN for your eBook

The printed book
Book printing can be a complicated business. That’s why we’re dedicated to making your journey from writer to author as easy as possible. We provide everything you need to make the printed book of your dreams.

25 custom-printed books to get started

Professional book cover & interior design

We’ll convert all your graphic images including photographs, artwork, illustrations, graphs, tables, and charts

Worldwide distribution with Print on demand

Direct-to-reader sales with our distribution partners

ISBNs for your printed book

A unique ISBN barcode for your eBook so our partners can identify your eBook in the digital marketplace and report sales accordingly.