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eBook - Stay Safe - Taking control of your own personal safety in a violent world
Author: Alan MacQuarrie
This book, Stay safe, will empower you, increase your awareness, and sharpen your decision making process, aid your understanding of violence, and enable you to respond quickly and effectively when facing potentially dangerous situations.Whether you or a family member are leaving home to go to university, travelling, living alone, working alone, working late, or if you are not as young and fit as you used to be, you will have particular and inevitable concerns about personal safety. more...

eBook - Win at Life - Living the Life you want

Life Changing Behaviours to Help You Achieve What You Want

Author: Dr Denis McBrinn

The aim of this Win at Life programme is to empower you to take practical steps along the road to Living the Life you want, starting today. All of us are capable of making positive changes in our lives, but often fear; our own limiting beliefs about ourselves and what others might say, holds us back from living the life we truly want and deserve. A basic human need is to grow and achieve at some level in our lives. But why is it some people appear to attain higher levels of achievement than others?  more....

eBook - Learn to Study
Author: Professor Aidan Moran  
Going to College or University is an exciting yet daunting experience for many students. It’s exciting because you can study interesting subjects, make new friends and pursue new hobbies in College.
 But it’s also daunting because in order to get a successful academic education, you will have to accept personal responsibility for a task for which you have received little or no special training in school. more...
eBook - Learn to Concentrate
Author: Professor Aidan Moran
In this audio presentation you will learn how to improve your concentration skills. You will be taught techniques which will enable you to focus on what is most important in any situation while ignoring distractions.
Concentration is a practical skill which can enrich our lives considerably. Unfortunately, most of us are probably more familiar with losing our concentration than with effective “focusing” ability. more....
eBook - Win at Golf
Author: Professor Aidan Moran
In helping you to learn how to win at Golf, this recording focuses on the “mental side” of golf. When all else is equal, it is often mental toughness that determines who wins. World class golfers are already using it. Padraig Harrington: “I have used Aidan’s programme to enhance my golf in all situations. This programme is mental toughness put in simple terms”. more....

eBook - Be Fabulous

Author: Brenda Shankey

Learning how to have it all in today’s society can be pretty demanding. We expect to have the perfect life, well paid job, and beautiful home, top of the range car, stunning partner, perfect figure and youthful looks – Says who? Exactly: Where do we pick up our expectations of ourselves and indeed others? How come we demand so much from life and how come our expectations are so high? Welcome to Be Fabulous, the ultimate guide to contentment and realising you have it all right now just as it’s supposed to be. more...