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Leaving Primary Seven to go into 1st year of Secondary education was a huge transition for my daughter Katie as it is for any child. She started to suffer really badly with anxiety/panic attacks. It was affecting her sleep/eating/concentration/moods/social life. I tried everything I bought every vitiamin under the sun and got her into all sorts off classes; nothing worked. Four weeks ago I heard about Brenda Shankey: After fifty minutess of mindfulness Katie came out smiling. Four weeks on I have a truely different wee girl, she's so much in control off her own thoughts/feelings and is so much calmer, there's a huge difference in her exam results and her approach to life is very different. I want to thank Brenda Shankey for the amazing work she is doing with Katie! This woman is amazing the way she teaches kids to think. I definitely recommend it!


Jane Doe - Another Company, Ltd

Brenda I want to thank you for the work you did with Talia. She went off to a school residential this morning FULL of CONFIDENCE, a far cry from the little girl she was when you first met her! Her focus and behaviour have also improved massively and tantrums have stopped which is definitely a very welcome change but the biggest thing for me is her confidence and how happy she feels within herself! I honestly can't believe how much of a difference 4 weeks of sessions with you has made and 4 weeks later she continues to improve! I am totally blown away and honestly can't thank you enough, you are an absolute angel.


My son has been with Brenda Shankey for 6 weeks with the aim of improving his confidence and managing his frequent anxiety attacks . After the first few sessions we have seen a remarkable improvement in his behaviour and sleeping patterns it has also improved his concentration levels and confidence. I would fully recommend the mindfulness program for any children or adults.

Many thanks Brenda for making our lives much easier looking forward to seeing you in the next session