Bringing words to Life


Bringing words to Life

Record your first audiobook

There's nothing like being a published author with your own audiobook. It can open all sorts of doors for you such as invitations to speak at events and interviews on local radio.

As you will see from looking at our current audiobooks we focus on the spoken word non-fiction/self-help genre. We will need to discuss your idea for your audiobook to see if it fits in with the Mindcool ethos. We will also discuss things like your current profile as an author or your "author platform". This helps us to assess the commercial potential of your audiobook. Since 85% of our sales are in the US, here is a US source for a definition of "author platform".

If we agree to publish your audiobook we will work with you to agree a script, prepare it for spoken word, record it in our state of the art recording studios, and edit it to broadcast standards with full cover design, music, and sound effects, and of course we will distribute it worldwide through all of the mainstream audiobook distributors, and in all popular download formats.

There will be questions that you want to ask, such as: What will it cost? How long will it take? What is the deal on author royalty?  Do I retain my copyright? How many will I sell? ....

Contact us here to have an initial chat.