Bringing words to Life


Bringing words to Life

Mindcool voice coaching - what is covered?


Everyone who uses their voice as part of their working life can benefit from voice coaching, to improve communication and change the way you do business. If you have problems making yourself heard or want to make a stronger impact on staff and clients, voice coaching can help you.

While our voice coaching will be designed to meet your specific needs, the areas that may be covered include the following:


Improve the sound of your voice by learning how to find the natural resonance of your voice and develop a greater pitch range when speaking.

You can also discover how to alter the tone of your voice to sound more pleasant, authoritive or sincere.

Learn to project the voice so you can be heard more easily.This is done through developing correct breathing technique, posture and muscle support.

You will be shown techniques to sustain speaking at a greater volume to create a more engaging sound.


Make your speech sound clearer and crisper by learning how the organs of speech work, and how to improve their functions.

Once you master various simple articulation exercises, mumbling will be a thing of the past! You can improve the clarity of your speech even if you suffer from minor speech defects such as a lisp or a stammer.

Learn to speak more slowly – whether you are naturally a fast speaker, or prone to speed up in stressful situations – and get your message across.


You can learn to neutralize or even lose an accent, making yourself more easily understood by clients at home or abroad.

This can be particularly useful for telephone conversations or sales. You can gain greater confidence in your spoken English and avoid making errors in everyday speech.

By gaining control over a regional accent you can alter how you or your business are perceived and improve communication with a range of clients.


Improve the delivery of even difficult text, making your message more interesting to the listener.

Using emphasis and modulation you can direct your message to your audience to sell yourself better and grow your sales.

Learn techniques to engage and hold the attention of a crowd and make a powerful impact when delivering a sales pitch or presentation.


Learn tested methods to control nerves and stay cool in high stress situations.

Even those for whom public speaking seems like a nightmare can learn to enjoy addressing a group and find satisfaction from delivering a quality speech.

By using breath control and mental preparation techniques, you can take the fear out of speechmaking and start to sell yourself and your business with confidence.

Training can be as face to face coaching or Group training in-class courses, or as online voice coaching. Or a combination of all three in a blended solution.

If you feel that you would benefit from the Mindcool audiobook narration or public speaking course contact us here.