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New Audiobook: Yoga Nidra

For those seeking incredible calmness, quietness and clarity

Virginia Harton

Yoga Nidra is an ancient but little-known yogic practice that’s becoming increasingly popular as both a form of meditation and a mind-body therapy. It is a systematic form of guided relaxation. When practiced successfully, this technique is as restorative as sleep — except you remain fully aware throughout.

As a meditation technique, yoga nidra offers a gentle approach, starting with body awareness, then working compassionately with thoughts and emotions as they arise, and gradually leading the meditator to access a greater field of awareness.

Practitioners say that it often brings immediate physical benefits, such as reduced stress and better sleep, and that it has the potential to heal psychological wounds. As a meditation practice, it can engender a profound sense of joy and well-being.

In this audiobook, Virginia Harton will take you gently through a number of Yoga Nidra guided relaxation sessions including Yoga Nidra for total stress relief, for total body relaxation, to release anger, for emotional healing and inner balance, for confidence and self-esteem, for self-empowerment, to release anxiety, and for total relaxation & Chakra Balancing. If you are seeking incredible calmness, quietness and clarity it is here.

Track One – Introduction. Track Two - What is Yoga Nidra? Track Three - The benefits of practising Yoga Nidra. Track 4 - Yoga Nidra for total stress relief. Track 5 – Yoga Nidra for total body relaxation. Track 6 - Yogra Nidra to release anger. Track 7 – Yoga Nidra for emotional healing and inner balance. Track 8 – Yoga Nidra for confidence/self-esteem. Track 9 – Yoga Nidra for self-empowerment. Track 10 Yoga Nidra to release anxiety. Track 11 Yoga Nidra for Chakra Balancing. Track 12 - Summary and Conclusion