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This short audio presentation by Dr Denis McBrinn and narrated by Caroline Cole, is designed to bring a clear understanding of the importance of “writing things down”, how to make it become a habit in your life, and to lead you gently into reflection on the level of “writing things down” in your life.

"A verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on" Samuel Goldwyn

Can you imagine a world without writing; without any writing at all?

There would be no paperwork; no forms to fill in and of course, no tax returns! But also; there would be no literature; no science; no history; no newspapers; no internet; and no social media.

It is almost beyond imagining because our modern world is so dependent on the written word.

Of all mankind's great advances, the development of writing is a giant.

How this short audio learning experience works:

This audio presentation has been designed using an experiential learning model, Kolb, D. A. (1984): concrete learning, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

By taking this approach we hope to cater for all learning styles.

You will be given specific new information in the recording usually as “key tips”, “explanations” and “quotes”. You will be led through a gentle but positive meditative reflection process to assist you before conceptualisation and then putting your new skills into practice.

You will be encouraged to return to the recording from time to time to re-listen and reinforce your learning and the desired changes in your life.


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