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This short audio presentation by Dr Denis McBrinn and narrated by Sara Dylan is designed to bring a clear understanding of what good health is, how to make sure you have it in your life, and to lead you gently into reflection on the level of good health currently in your life.

"To Lose One's Health Renders Science Null, Art Inglorious, Strength Unavailing and Wealth Useless" Herophilus 300BC How mindful are you about maintaining good health?

It may be an old cliché that your health is your wealth, but it's true.

The ancient Greeks knew that good health is something to develop and treasure.

It is easy to take our health for granted, until we lose it.

Our whole experience of life can be very different if we don’t have good physical and mental health.

Why choose us?

Reason one

We hope to move beyond entertainment to touch the listener, to move them, to help them reflect on their lives and potential and to bring to them; hope and enlightenment.

Reason two

Our authors are inspired and knowledgeable: Our narrators passionate about their craft: Our producers dedicated to the truth of sound:

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