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Guided Meditations to Archangel Michael & Archangel Raphael

By Virginia Harton From the best selling audiobook: Meditation with your Angels and Archangels. These two guided visualisations led by Virginia Harton will bring you closer to the Archangels Michael and Raphael.

Archangel Michael is a very powerful warrior energy that will protect you against harm or harsh energies. He will wrap you up in his cloak of protection giving you inner strength to deal with life’s situations as they arise and give you courage to move forward fearlessly in life, helping you release attachments to fear and free you from the emotional cords that bind you. He can help you to become aligned with your life purpose and help you to overcome any procrastinating and move you towards your desired goals and dreams. Invoke his energy by asking him to be with you on any given day with any given situation that you would like his help with. The intention of this guided meditation to Archangel Michael is that you will connect with his energy and he will cut any attachments to fear & emotional cords that may be attached to you so that you will feel stronger mentally and emotionally and get in alignment with your goals and life purpose.

Archangel Raphael is a natural healer and channels divine light to help you with any issues regarding physical health & addictions. He can help to detox your body and mind from unhealthy cravings and negative thought forms. Working with & invoking his energy on a daily basis can help guide you to lead a healthier lifestyle and give you the will power to make healthier choices and rise above any challenges that may arise. Just be crystal clear on what it is that you want help with. Virginia will guide you through a visualisation designed to help you connect with Archangel Raphael and receive physical healing that will help you at this time. The intention of this healing meditation is that you will invoke and receive the healing energy from Archangel Raphael that you need in your life right now and this healing will make a huge positive difference in your life.

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