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Audiobook: Abundance - Feel Abundant

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 This short audio learning experience by Dr Denis McBrinn: Narrated by Sara Dylan is designed to bring a clear understanding of what abundance is, how to attract it, and to lead you gently into reflection on the level of abundance currently in your life.

In this audio experience; we aim to move beyond entertainment, to touch you the listener, to move you, to help you reflect on your life and potential and to bring to you; hope and enlightenment.

"Once I had money and I spent every dime, still I'm richer by far with a satisfied mind"

When we think of abundance and prosperity in our lives we usually think of wealth and material things.

But the word prosperity comes from the Latin meaning "to live in hope".

True prosperity results from living with an attitude of hope and faith in finding abundance: Abundance, not just in material things but also in health and in spirit.

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