Audiobook: Let there be Light: Living Courageously - Nine of nine - Our challenge

Audiobook: Let there be Light: Living Courageously - Nine of nine - Our challenge

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This short audio presentation by Dr Denis McBrinn and narrated by Sara Dylan is designed to bring clear understanding of the many ways in which the Bible encourages us to “Live Courageously” in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to give you an opportunity to focus and reflect on the level of courage currently in your life." Our challenge is to live the Christian values of courage by putting the words of Scripture into action in our daily lives. The Bible is meant to help us to live our best possible life, in line with God’s will. But the words of Scripture are meaningless to us, unless we put those words into daily practice, and that requires courage and commitment. In reality, we are being challenged by God to make the Gospels truly meaningful and inspirational to our lives. Otherwise The Bible, without readers who are inspired to act out the Word, is just another book on the shelf. This audio listening experience will include a meditation or reflection to support you as you strive to live courageously. The message should appeal to all Christian denominations and will avoid any narrow or dogmatic interpretations. The set of nine will include: 1. Grow in spirit by developing Courage 2. Living courageously in practice 3. Courage is the corner stone 4. Courage and fear 5. Courage and resilience 6. Courage and adaptability 7. Pray for courage 8. Meditation on courage 9. Our challenge

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