Investment Opportunity - Exclusive Global rights

Mindcool is pleased to announce an opportunity for interested parties to acquire exclusive global rights to a meticulously curated selection of 200 of our audiobooks.

These rights encompass exclusive distribution and licensing privileges across
all territories, formats, and languages worldwide.

Spanning a diverse array of niche topics, our collection delves into realms such as personal development, self-awareness, productivity, meditation, mindfulness, mental health, golf, and more. Featuring esteemed narrators and authors, our audiobooks have garnered widespread acclaim from listeners around the globe.

The current opportunity for investment in Mindcool Audiobook rights presents an ideal match for an established Book or Audiobook publisher equipped with its own robust distribution and marketing framework.

Mindcool, with its unique blend of mindfulness techniques and audiobook format, offers a valuable product poised to resonate with a wide audience seeking mental wellness and personal development resources.

For a seasoned publisher, this investment may represent more than just acquiring rights—it may be an entry into a growing niche market with significant potential for expansion.

With their existing infrastructure, such a publisher can seamlessly integrate Mindcool audiobooks into their catalogue, leverage their established networks for distribution, and employ their marketing expertise to maximize the reach and impact of this transformative content. This opportunity not only aligns with the publisher's core offerings but also promises to enhance their portfolio with a compelling addition that meets the evolving needs of today's readership.

For a glimpse into our collection, we invite you to visit our website at, where you can explore samples of our titles and listen to extracts.

To express your interest in this unique investment opportunity, please reach out to our representative, Kim Johnston, at We look forward to connecting with you.