James Gourley; Mindcool Founder and MD

James (Jim) is currently: Founder and MD of Mindcool Productions, an International personnel development consultancy publishing high quality learning resources as eBooks and audiobooks for download globally through international distribution partners. James is Producer for all Mindcool audiobooks.

James also heads up Mindcool’s production of bespoke audio and video learning resources for leading educational establishments around the world, most recently for Peacebeam, and The London School of Economics LSE.

James also heads up the Mindcool BOT design team for online businesses internationally.

In addition; as a Chartered Director, James spent 9 years 3 months, leading Mindcool’s provision of online coaching/mentoring and assessment on behalf of the Institute of Directors IOD, and their Chartered Director Program: An exclusive qualification under Royal Charter for the world's best directors.