Victim no more: personal safety for women

Victim no more: personal safety for women

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This NEW audiobook will be released from our studio in January 2022.

Since the script for this self help audiobook was written in early 2019 there have been many developments across the life experiences of women. The #metoo movement has brought a new focus on male predatory behaviour and increased the accountability brought to the door of perpetrators. In the UK we have recently seen an increase in the misuse of position to enable transgression, such as the Metropolitan Police Officer who used his Police warrant card to "arrest" a helpless girl and then go on to kidnap, rape, strangle, and burn her remains. The trust in Police from women has been shattered, certainly in the London area of the UK. News reports indicate multiple cases of rape or assault by UK Police Officers are pending and the culture of the Mettopolitan Police is to be investigated.

This has introduced a new paradigm to personal protection, when you may not be able to rely on the "good guys & girls" of the local constabulary. News reports indicate multiple cases of Rape by UK Police Officers

As a result, our writers are currently re writing the script to make the audiobook more helpful in a changing world.

It is of course true that it can be a dangerous world out there. There are both male and female predators that would harm you given the chance.

It’s time today, more than ever to take control of your own personal safety. Be smarter than the predator who would seek to harm you and be in charge of your life.

This audiobook is about empowerment of women. It is about showing that you are not a victim but in charge of your life and you can be more intelligent and better prepared than the predator.

We will be sharing with you some very clear and direct actions that will keep you safe from the predator in most environments even if their source is shocking.

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