Breaking News: Mindcool's Audiobooks Launch on Spotify Premium Worldwide!

In a ground breaking move, Mindcool's captivating audiobooks are now available on “Spotify Premium” in the United States, Europe, and Australia, offering users a passport to a transformative journey through the enchanting world of the spoken word.

Spotify, a global leader in streaming services, proudly invites users to embark on an immersive experience that transcends traditional entertainment: Mindcool's carefully curated collection of audiobooks promises gateways to personal growth, healing, and inner peace, providing listeners with a unique avenue for self-discovery.

This relationship between Mindcool and Spotify Premium unlocks a treasure trove of genres, from mindfulness and meditation to thought-provoking self-development. Users can now seamlessly integrate the power of Mindcool's audiobooks into their daily lives, whether it's during a commute, workout, or a quiet evening at home.

Mindcool is excited about the relationship. The collaboration with Spotify Premium opens new avenues for reaching a broader audience, making transformative content easily accessible to users across continents.

"As we venture into this new chapter with Spotify Premium, we invite listeners to explore the boundless possibilities of self-discovery and personal enrichment through the art of storytelling," said James Gourley, Founder & MD at Mindcool. "Our audiobooks aim to be companions on your journey to inner peace, and we're thrilled to share this experience with the global Spotify community."

Users can now dive into the captivating world of Mindcool's audiobooks by accessing them on Spotify Premium, ensuring an unparalleled audio experience that goes beyond entertainment and into the realms of personal growth and enlightenment.

Update 9 April 2024

Mindcool audiobooks are now included in Spotify Premium in Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada

We are excited to let you know that Mindcool Audiobooks are now available in Spotify Premium for eligible users in Ireland, New Zealand, and Canada. That means eligible users in these markets now have access to 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening with a catalogue of over 250,000 audiobook titles.