Let there be Light: Living Courageously

This short audio presentation is designed to bring a clear understanding of the many ways in which the Bible encourages us to “Live Courageously” in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and to give you an opportunity to focus and reflect on the level of courage currently in your life."

Living each day with courage is one of the most important spiritual qualities we can develop.The purpose of this audio programme is to highlight the great encouragement scripture provides us with, including that of Jesus, John the Baptist, Abraham, St. Paul and the poetic verse from the wonderful book of Psalms.

Courage is the corner stone of our Christian faith, because it is the foundation on which many other important spiritual qualities are built. It takes courage to love your enemies; to forgive those who hate and persecute you; to let go of resentment; to accept loss in our lives; to be honest with others. It takes courage to trust in the Lord Jesus; to have hope and to keep faith.  All of these great spiritual attributes require great courage.
That is why in the Bible you will find those encouraging words “Be Not Afraid” and “Fear Not.” repeated, over and over, because developing courage is fundamental to following the Way, the Truth and the Life as shown to us by the Lord Jesus Christ.
Part of a new series: Let there be Light
This will be a series of short audio experiences with the over-arching theme of short, practical thoughts and reflections on meeting the challenges of daily life - based on guidance from scripture. Each separate audio experience will be priced at $3.99.
The series will include such topics as: Living Courageously; Having Abundance; In time of Bereavement; Recovering from Trauma; Knowing Hope; Having Joy and Happiness; Forgiving Others; Meaning and Purpose at Work; Family Relationships; Finding the Job you love; Loving Yourself; Loving Others; Personal Leadership; Managing Money; Giving and Receiving; Enjoying Retirement; Less is More.
Each audio experience will include a thoughtful prayer or blessing; contemplation or reflection and guidance for going forward.
The message should appeal to all Christian denominations and will avoid any narrow or dogmatic interpretations.