Mindcool Sponsorship

Mindcool is pleased to confirm that Lucas Almond; 15 year old Racing Driver, has successfully negotiated a sponsorship deal with Mindcool.Com.
We were particularly impressed by Lucas's commitment to the sport of motor racing (initially, karting). He has been very successful in race placements, often in the top places and most frequently 1st place.
We were also impressed by Lucas's focus on race and driver safety, and his pending purchase of a high quality race helmet and visor. Lucas was up-to-date regarding all safety devices and especially the “Hans” device for neck safety.
Our initial sponsorship deal will feature the Mindcool logo being placed as a sticker on Lucas’s visor to be visible to the public during races and when engaged in pre and post-race activities at the track.
In return for this logo placement our initial sponsorship will be for an agreed monetary value.
Mindcool will place a photograph of Lucas wearing his helmet and visor, on this page (see above) and we will create a bulletin to record his achievements as he develops and finds his level in the kart and motor racing circuit. (see below)
Mindcool is very pleased to support Lucas at this early point in his driving career and we wish him well!
For Mindcool Sponsorship information please contact us here.

Lucas's progress is recorded below:



The end of the season this year 2023 was a few weeks ago and I am happy to announce that I finished the season 10th out of 28 in the championship. I feel like I improved a lot this season and I will hope to improve even more at the start of next season. Throughout the last three races particularly, I managed to improve on my race craft and strategy, and I think that it was due to this that I consistently managed to finish in the top 10, even in the top 5 sometimes, running as high as 2nd in some parts of the races. With this end of season, I am now 6th in my ‘home’ track standings and 192nd (in the top 200!) in the German national standings.
Well done Lucas


Over the past month, I have competed in two races at r.m.s.v. Urloffen.

The first of these races was a 5-hour long, 300-lap team race in which my team and I finished ninth, and we managed to get a trophy.

The second race was the second round of the SODI World Series. Unfortunately, in this round, I did not manage to score many points for the championship, but still managed to get some good experience throughout the two races.

I currently stand in P8 in the championship overall, out of 22 drivers.

Lucas on left with friend


The first race event of the season was a 4-hour long endurance race on the 07/04/2023 under the aegis of ADAC and the second event was made up of two 30-minute sprint races the 22/04/2023, run by the Sodi World Series.
The first race event was my first ever endurance race and my first ever team event. Teams were made up of 4 drivers. I did the qualifying with my team-mate Yannick. We managed P4 for the starting grid. Then I drove the first hour which was very hard because I had to deal with the start of race battles. For most of the race, our team was running quite high in the standings until we made a mistake on the pit stop of the last stint so it made us drop back places and we ultimately finished in P9 (out of 16).
The second race event was the season opener of the same sprint race series that I started competing in last year. It went very well -
I qualified P5 for the first and second race which is a career best for me. I ended the first race still in P5. For the second race, my kart was changed and I was unable to extract as much pace out of it as the previous one. I managed to hold on to P5 for most of the race, but ultimately got overtaken and ended the race in P7. I ended P6 overall at the end of the event because of my P5 in the first race which is my best result yet.
Kind regards,






This weekend I competed in the SODI World Series Sprint Cup at Urloffen, Germany, in a SODI GT5-R - GX 270cc.


Overall, very impressed by Lucas’s performance and attitude!



As in many parts of Europe at the moment, the grass here around the track is scorched and we drove in temperatures of around 33 degrees Celsius. The post-race weigh-in was interesting - I lost half a kilo during the race!

Impressed, this was obviously very hard work!


This was only my second race against adults who have years of experience. It’s exciting to know that my fellow competitors travelled from all over Germany to compete here.

Currently 15 years old and competing against adults; impressive!


In the first race, I finished in 13th position out of 16. In the second race, I finished in 15th position out of 16.

Although I was disappointed not to place higher, I was very happy with my improvement considering the competition

You are getting valuable experience; that’s what matters at this stage!


In both races this weekend my fastest lap was less than one second slower than the leader and it was a very tight field. I set a new PB of 56.1s and the winner finished with a best lap time of 55.2s, only 0.9 seconds quicker than mine, so I feel I did well and that I can do better still.

Absolutely! Just focus on your PB development and results will take care of themselves.







Speed Park Strasbourg



The track is indoor and very short (around 20 seconds per lap), so starting position is key.

Broadening your experience across indoor and outdoor tracks is excellent for your development as a driver


This was my first time at this circuit and unfortunately I qualified towards the back on both races and got poor starts, ending both races 17th out of 18th. (I know that indoor karting isn't my strong point, but it still hurt to only be second last.)

Very open of you to say how you felt; as an old guy, your sponsor knows that “hurting” is a part of learning, embrace it!


My next race is the last round of the 2022 Urloffen World Sprint Series championship at my "home" track. Although I haven't been able to compete in each round (which means that I can’t win the trophy), I’m still hoping to improve my performance there.

Great, just do your best, look after your safety, and most important, enjoy every moment!







Last weekend I competed in my last 2 races of the 2022 season, competing as a rookie in the SODI world series.



 The first one was dry and the second one was my first ever driving experience in the rain. 

Chalking up the rain experience very worthwhile!


I ended up p8/11 in the first race and a season best of p5/11 in the second race.

A good lap time on the Urloffen track is 55/56 seconds; in the wet, the winner had a best lap time of 1’07; I had the 3rd best lap time with 1’11.

This is excellent work and particularly impressed by the 3rd best lap time in the wet!


In the Sodi World Series, any points you earn in races only count towards your total championship points from age 16.

As I have only recently turned 16, all points I earned while being 15 did not count towards the championship total and it being the last round of the championship, only points from this round were recorded for the championship total.

That said, I managed to place 14th overall out of 34 in my rookie season, against adults with multiple years of experience.

Going for better next year!                   

Lucas, Just turning 16 with all this “rookie” experience under your belt is great work on your driver development and will pay dividends next season.


Your sponsor, Mindcool, will be with you all the way next year!


Lucas Almond racing in wet conditions