Mindcool Sponsorship

Mindcool is pleased to confirm that Lucas Almond; 15 year old Racing Driver, has successfully negotiated a sponsorship deal with Mindcool.Com.
We were particularly impressed by Lucas's commitment to the sport of motor racing (initially, karting). He has been very successful in race placements, often in the top places and most frequently 1st place.
We were also impressed by Lucas's focus on race and driver safety, and his pending purchase of a high quality race helmet and visor. Lucas was up-to-date regarding all safety devices and especially the “Hans” device for neck safety.
Our initial sponsorship deal will feature the Mindcool logo being placed as a sticker on Lucas’s visor to be visible to the public during races and when engaged in pre and post-race activities at the track.
In return for this logo placement our initial sponsorship will be for an agreed monetary value.
Mindcool will place a photograph of Lucas wearing his helmet and visor, on this page and we will create a bulletin to record his achievements as he develops and finds his level in the kart and motor racing circuit.
Mindcool is very pleased to support Lucas at this early point in his driving career and we wish him well!
For Mindcool Sponsorship information please contact us here.






This weekend I competed in the SODI World Series Sprint Cup at Urloffen, Germany, in a SODI GT5-R - GX 270cc.


Overall, very impressed by Lucas’s performance and attitude!



As in many parts of Europe at the moment, the grass here around the track is scorched and we drove in temperatures of around 33 degrees Celsius. The post-race weigh-in was interesting - I lost half a kilo during the race!

Impressed, this was obviously very hard work!


This was only my second race against adults who have years of experience. It’s exciting to know that my fellow competitors travelled from all over Germany to compete here.

Currently 15 years old and competing against adults; impressive!


In the first race, I finished in 13th position out of 16. In the second race, I finished in 15th position out of 16.

Although I was disappointed not to place higher, I was very happy with my improvement considering the competition

You are getting valuable experience; that’s what matters at this stage!



In both races this weekend my fastest lap was less than one second slower than the leader and it was a very tight field. I set a new PB of 56.1s and the winner finished with a best lap time of 55.2s, only 0.9 seconds quicker than mine, so I feel I did well and that I can do better still.

Absolutely! Just focus on your PB development and results will take care of themselves.