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Being Fabulous: Choose How You Feel

By Brenda Shankey From the best-selling audio album “Be Fabulous": Choose how you feel. Coping with hardships and stress and talking to yourself positively every day.

We all have been through difficult situations in our life, trauma, death, addiction, anger, stress, fear, hate, revenge, disappointments, and daily life’s struggles which challenge us every day. From now on I want you to look at these situations in a completely different way. Do not look at these as 'poor me why is my life so hard', 'why did I not get that job', 'why did my friend betray me, why is my partner so mean, why why why? For some things in life we will never find a reason, an explanation or an answer and what we do is let these situations ruin our life!

We allow ourselves to be the victim. We allow ourselves to be hurt, angry, sad, depressed, stressed! We can change that.

Remember we have the choice to choose how we feel about any situation good or bad. So from now on let’s see these situations as an opportunity to change how we think, feel and deal with life’s challenges.

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