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By Virginia Harton Includes author interview, additional music and longer meditations.

This audio recording is designed to teach you how to get the life you want through meditation. It relates to different areas of life where meditation can make a difference, and our intention is that this audio book will make a life changing positive difference in your life.

Whether you are a beginner or you have been practising meditation for some time this audio book will help you to make positive changes.

We will cover areas through meditation such as: Meditation for chakra clearing & full body relaxation; Meditation to “let go of anxiety”; Meditation to “release anger”; Meditation for “total forgiveness”; Meditation for “Inner Confidence”; Meditation for “inner strength”; Meditation for “mindful living”; Meditation for “smoking cessation”; Meditation for “weight loss and mindful eating” and Meditation for “deep restful sleep”.

Track List - Get the Life you want through Meditation

1.  Introduction, 2 What is meditation?, 3 Meditation for chakra clearing & full body relaxation, 4 Meditation to let go of anxiety, 5 Meditation to release anger, 6 Meditation for total forgiveness, 7 Meditation for “Inner Confidence”, 8 Meditation for inner strength, 9 Meditation for mindful living, 10 Meditation for smoking cessation, 11 Meditation for weight loss and mindful eating, 12 Summary & conclusion, 13 Meditation for deep restful sleep

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