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Learn to Study for Success at College and University

By Professor Aidan Moran: Going to College or University is an exciting yet daunting experience for many students. It's exciting because you can study interesting subjects, make new friends and pursue new hobbies in College. But it's also daunting because in order to get a successful academic education, you will have to accept personal responsibility for a task for which you have received little or no special training in school. This task requires you to manage your own learning or to become an active, independent and self-motivated student when it comes to planning, conducting and evaluating your academic work.

In listening to this recording, you are going to learn how to manage your own learning, and how to get down to studying. You’ll receive practical tips on motivation, managing your study time, learning from lectures, listening and note-taking skills, improving your reading and summarizing skills, focusing effectively and improving your concentration. You’ll be helped to remember and understand what you learn and you will be given practical tips on how to evaluate what you learn and think critically. You are also going to receive tips on planning and writing essays and papers, and finally you are going to be taught exam skills to help you to do your best when it matters most.

Track List

1 Introduction, 2 Going to College: Managing your own learning, 3 Getting down to study: Practical tips on motivation, 4 Managing your study time, 5 Learning from lectures: Listening and note-taking skills, 6 Improving your reading and summarizing skills, 7 Focusing effectively: Improving your concentration skills, 8 Remembering and understanding what you learn: Practical tips, 9 Evaluating what you learn: Thinking critically, 10 Planning and writing essays and papers, 11 Exam skills: Doing your best when it matters most.

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