Bespoke Audiobook Production

As well as producing our own carefully selected high quality audiobooks for general release, we produce bespoke audio productions for companies and educational establishments.

Our most recent customers include and The London School of Economics and Political Science LSE, producing the audio production: The "Path of the Entrepreneur: Understanding your Shadow" written and narrated by Jane Murray.

The audio presentation is designed to lead the student through a series of sessions which highlight the key areas of a persons physical, mental, emotional and spiritual life that can be particularly challenged by choosing the life of an entrepreneur and affords the student the opportunity to begin a process of self-enquiry and self-knowledge which will be of practical assistance to them, not just in determining if this is the right path for them, but in their life in general. The learning experience includes a focus on the pivotal skill of visualisation and reflection in learning. Listen to the short sample below of this LSE bespoke learning project and think of the ways in which Mindcool can assist your organisation with bespoke audio experiences.