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Audiobook: Meditation for Leaders: RELEASE ANGER

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Meditation for Leaders: Release Anger

This audiobook features a full meditation experience written by Virginia Harton and narrated by Sara Dylan.

Psychologists recognise three types of anger: 1. There is hasty and sudden anger often connected to the impulse for self-preservation. It is shared by human and other animals, and it occurs when the animal, the person, is tormented or trapped. 2. Then there is the more common settled and deliberate anger possibly a reaction to perceived deliberate harm or unfair treatment by others. 3. And finally, dispositional anger often related more to character traits than to instincts or cognitions. Irritability, sullenness and churlishness are examples of this

Your anger, if persistent and frequent, can have a devastating effect on your life and those around you. Spouses and other family members can struggle to cope and to them it may feel like walking through a mine field not knowing what is going to “set you off”.

Treatments you may seek for your anger will always start with your Doctor. Always consult your Doctor if your anger is causing problems in your life. Your Doctor will make a diagnosis and prescribe the best solution for you: This may range from medication to face to face counselling.

This short meditation is designed to help you to deal with anger through exercises to relax the body and the mind while focusing on your breathing.

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