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Meditation With Your Angels and Archangels Full Album

Embark on a transformative journey of spiritual exploration and healing with "Meditation with Your Angels and Archangels" by Virginia Harton.

Whether you're on a quest for inner peace or seeking guidance, this audiobook offers a profound connection to the angelic realm. Virginia's personal experiences and Pope Francis's quoted words affirm the reality of guardian angels, making this an enticing opportunity to tap into their guidance.

Through guided meditations and insightful teachings, you'll learn to invoke angelic presence, recognize angel signs, and harness their healing energy for positive change.

With tracks like "Guided Meditation to Archangel Michael" and "Angelic Chakra Bliss," each segment invites you to deepen your spiritual practice and embrace your highest potential.

Don't miss the chance to open your heart and mind to the uplifting power of angels and archangels, and let Virginia's expertise guide you towards a life of profound transformation.

Track List:


    What are angels and archangels?

    Angel signs

    Connecting with your angels on a daily basis

    Guided visualisation to meet your guardian angel

    Angelic Chakra Bliss

    Angelic full body relaxation

    Guided Meditation to Archangel Michael

    Guided Meditation to Archangel Raphael

    Guided Meditation to Archangel Gabriel

    Guided Meditation to Archangel Chamuel

    Summary & conclusion

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