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Audiobook: Mind Chef - Irish One Pot Specials - IRISH STEW

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Mind Chef - Irish One Pot Specials - IRISH STEW

By Elaine McFerran

Step-by-step audio instruction while you cook like a professional.

Elaine McFerran, our Irish Chef, will be talking you through how to prepare a traditional Irish stew for four people. If you are only cooking for two why not cook for four and freeze some for a later meal.

If you don’t feel too confident in your cooking abilities don’t stress! Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee and listen through the whole process before you begin. Don’t forget you can pause and rewind Elaine as many times as you need. Cooking should be fun so don’t worry too much. Assuming you download this audio to your mobile phone you can take Elaine with you as you walk around the kitchen and when you shop for groceries.

Just so you know what to expect here’s the sequence; first Elaine will be explaining what ingredients you will need for this dish, followed by the equipment you’ll need to gather together before you begin. Then she’ll run through the stages of preparation and cooking.

Once you’ve got your ingredients and equipment together, it should take you about one hour to make the stew, but don’t worry, a significant amount of this time won’t include preparation, but will just be cooking time with the stew bubbling away to itself slowly. Work back about one hour and 20 minutes from the time you will serve the meal to your family and friends.

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