Powerful Reiki Healing Meditation for Fear and Anxiety front cover

Audiobook: Powerful Reiki Healing Meditation FOR FEAR AND ANXIETY

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Powerful Reiki Healing Meditation FOR FEAR AND ANXIETY

By Virginia Harton

Anxiety is like a ball of fearful thoughts that surface from time to time and now with this audiobook the divine light that is Reiki will wash these thoughts out of the cells of your body, out of your unconscious mind. Powerfully dissolving all attachments to fear.

Surrendering to the Reiki energy. You will feel strong and safe. In this moment you trust that life is exactly the way that it’s meant to be right now.

During this powerful Reiki meditation your unconscious mind will help you to make the positive changes to help you feel safe and secure in your own skin and help you to be strong, more grounded in your life and react from a place of empowerment instead of a place of fear.

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