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Audiobook: Powerful Reiki Healing Meditation for Inner Confidence

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By Virginia Harton This is your time to nurture your body, mind and soul. Virginia Harton will lovingly guide you through this powerful yet very gentle Reiki meditation for inner confidence.

As you gently deepen your breath the divine light of Reiki washes your body and mind of any thoughts that cause you to feel less confident in yourself. The reiki flows into the garden of your unconscious mind healing negative thoughts and belief systems that cause you to lose confidence in yourself. You don’t have to know what they are as you totally trust the Reiki as it flows bringing positive change into your life. In this moment you visualise in your imagination that on the inside of your belly button there is a spark of light that represents your inner confidence. This light is expands as you open to the energy of your inner confident self. It’s like a radiant river of pure light in full flow illuminating your inner body and unconscious mind and opening you up more and more to the new confident you; opening you up totally to radiate with inner confidence.

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