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This short audio presentation by Dr Denis McBrinn and narrated by Sara Dylan, is designed to bring a clear and understanding of what being true to yourself means, and to lead you gently into reflection on how your true self can bring clarity to your daily living and the realisation that: To be true to others, you must start by being true to yourself.

Once you are true to yourself, you’re also true to other people.

"May the True, Higher Self Within - Always Guide You" Krishna

Our true self is the soul of being. It is the part of us not defined by: ego, status, job, role or function.

It is our evolving higher self that seeks to rise above our basic instincts.

It represents the blue print for the realisation of what we can become. Our true self is the "silence" within that calls us to live our best possible lives.

As young children, we instinctively hear this inner call with great clarity. We live joyfully in the present moment and laugh and smile, much more than adults.

But as we grow up, worldly matters arise and the ego instinctively develops as part of survival.

We then learn to use psychological defences to protect ourselves from the harsh, competitive world.

How this short audio learning experience works:

This audio presentation has been designed using an experiential learning model, Kolb, D. A. (1984): concrete learning, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

By taking this approach we hope to cater for all learning styles.

You will be given specific new information in the recording usually as “key tips”, “explanations” and “quotes”. You will be led through a gentle but positive meditative reflection process to assist you before conceptualisation and then putting your new skills into practice.

You will be encouraged to return to the recording from time to time to re-listen and reinforce your learning and the desired changes in your life.


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