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By Dr Denis McBrinn GO FOR IT, is designed to help you develop the CONFIDENCE to succeed in all areas of your personal and working life.

Confidence is the key to a happy and fulfilling life and it has such an impact on how we perform in every single area of life. As a professional Life Coach Denis McBrinn is often asked how can we get more out life and achieve the best possible life we can.

Whether it is:

• Delivering an important presentation to the board

• Performing on stage

• Asking for a romantic date

• Succeeding at exams

• Winning at sport

• Closing a vital business negotiation or sales deal

• Getting down to your ideal weight

• Securing your dream job

• Running a marathon

• Giving a speech at your daughter’s wedding

• Resolving conflicts at home or work

• Being a great parent, or

• Picking yourself up quickly and appropriately from any of life’s setbacks.

No matter what the challenge or situation, confidence and self-belief can be said to be two of the most important factors for success.

The purpose of this programme is to empower you to take practical steps along the road to greater confidence in all aspects of your life and to help you make a real difference where it matters most. It will introduce you to the skills and mind-set that successful athletes, sport stars, actors, artists, inventors, politicians and business people have developed to create confident and fulfilling careers and lives.

Track list

1 Introduction, 2 What Confidence is and isn’t, 3 Building Confidence in Yourself, 4 Being Confident with Others, 5 Confident Social Skills, 6 Speaking Confidently in Public, 7 Exam Success, 8 Job interviews, 9 Confidence at Work, 10 Selling with Confidence, 11 Confident Parenting, 12 Winning at Sports, 13 Going Forward with Confidence:

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