Audiobook: IN THE ZONE

Audiobook: IN THE ZONE

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This short audio presentation is designed to bring a clear definition of what "being in the Zone" is, how to achieve it, and to give you an opportunity to focus and reflect on the level of “being in the Zone” currently in your life.

The concept of a "flow state" or" being in the Zone" was proposed by psychologist Mihaly Csilsentmihaliyi.

His research, at the University of Chicago explored many factors that contribute to a life worth living. The study concludes that people in a flow state experience an immense feeling of satisfaction.

The ego is minimised, time flies and temporal concerns appear to lose their importance. Every thought and movement flows inevitably from the previous one - like playing improvised jazz!

A flow state comes from the passion of doing your best at something you love. It is where you are totally absorbed and feel a deep sense of aliveness.

You are using your skills to the utmost and appear to lose track of space, time and sense of self. "Flow" or "being in the Zone" is a subconscious mental state of operation, with a feeling of energised focus and peak performance.

This audiobook will include a guided meditation to help you achieve flow or “being in the Zone”.

Shane Lowry interview courtesy of "The Open" 2019

Professor Aidan Moran - Mindcool Author - presentation courtesy of University College Dublin

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