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In light of recent terrorist atrocities in Israel, we would caution you before listening to this audio as it contains realistic sounds and descriptions of a fictional terrorist attack.


By Sarah Connor Survive: Outfox the terrorist by: Developing survivor AWARENESS, developing the WILL to survive, understanding and managing your FEAR, TRAVELLING safely, and experiencing POWERFUL attack scenario visualisations.

This Audiobook is a second edition, updated, re-mastered version of the title: Terrorist: Be a survivor not a statistic.

In a world where every day brings news of a new terrorist atrocity whether in an airport, on a train or bus or at a night spot, theatre, restaurant, market place, or tourist attraction we must open our eyes and become aware of what is happening around us. Unfortunately these days if we are in public places we must be vigilant.

In this audiobook we have brought together current thinking from around the world, from experts in Northern Ireland and GB and from Government departments in the UK, USA and some countries in Europe to help improve your chances if you are caught up in a terrorist firearms or weapons attack.

This audiobook is designed to give you and your friends and family the skills and simple steps needed to improve your survival chances by outfoxing the predator: WHAT to DO to SURVIVE a terrorist firearms and weapons attack; how to develop survivor AWARENESS; how to develop the WILL to survive; how to understand and manage your FEAR; and how to TRAVEL safely.

In helping you to learn and assimilate these new skills you will experience POWERFUL attack scenario visualisations with Sarah Connor walking by your side through a simulated attack and identifying each key learning point and action.

We would like to acknowledge the support and advice of the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office in the making of this audiobook.

Track List

1. Introduction

2. Scenario Visualisation 1

3. A Healthy State of Mind

4. Awareness: Not walking into Danger

5. Minimise your Risk from Terrorism when Travelling

6. Surviving a Terrorist Firearm and Weapons Attack if the Unthinkable Happens

7. The WILL to Survive

8. How to overcome your FEARS

9. Scenario Visualisation 2

10. Summary and Conclusion

How this short audio learning experience works:

This audio presentation has been designed using an experiential learning model, Kolb, D. A. (1984): concrete learning, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization, and active experimentation.

By taking this approach we hope to cater for all learning styles.

You will be given specific new information in the recording usually as “key tips”, “explanations” and “quotes”. You will be led through a gentle but positive meditative reflection process to assist you before conceptualisation and then putting your new skills into practice.

You will be encouraged to return to the recording from time to time to re-listen and reinforce your learning and the desired changes in your life.

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